Marketing teams ‘must focus on internal communication’

Marketing teams 'need to focus on internal communication'

June 15, 2015

Marketing teams need to concentrate on internal communication to enhance collaboration and results, according to new research.

The report by Digital agency Omobono quizzed more than 300 HR, marketing and internal comms professionals across the UK and the US.

And Francesca Brosan, the agency’s chairman, stressed the research revealed that marketing teams need to concentrate on IC – to build engagement for their work within the rest of the workplace.

She said: “While marketers clearly have the skills to master the emerging media, this research shows that they need to realise that internal communications are as important as external and they must put more effort into communicating their learnings and expertise with their colleagues.

“This will not only improve collaboration and results but it will – crucially – improve the perception of marketers beyond the marketing department too.

“These results underline the need for marketing to be better understood internally so that organisations fully appreciate the value and complexity of modern marketing.”

The research – which was conducted in partnership with Circle Research – also revealed almost two-thirds of respondents believed an integrated marketing approach ‘delivers a better customer experience’.

And, according to the survey, such an approach enhances the confidence in the effectiveness of communications too.

Interestingly marketing teams understand the importance of a digital strategy – with most (94 per cent) saying its “important” and more than half (56 per cent) saying its “crucial”.

Francesca added: “Digital has transformed the face of marketing, making communications a part of every department’s remit today.

“However, savvy strategic marketers are leveraging their knowledge of how the media landscape is rapidly evolving and using it to align their organisations behind a single-minded, cohesive digital push.”