Infographic: how figures add up for gamification

How figures add up for gamification

June 18, 2015

Gamification. Mere mention of the buzzword regularly generates contrasting reactions.

Some are gleeful, eager to discuss its benefits in driving employee engagement. Others shrug, unable to see the connection between video-game mechanics and improving working lives.

However these new figures released about gamification should finally end the debate.

Nudge Rewards produced this great infographic displaying the true worth of gamification. See the full infographic below.

Noteworthy points include:

* Only 13 per cent of people are actually engaged at work
* Yet organisations who deploy gamification have seen a rise in employee engagement of 48 per cent
* Businesses with engaged employees have 27 per cent lower absenteeism.

The blog post states: “Enterprise gamification has a significant role to play in engaging employees and driving behavioural change to achieve accelerated business outcomes.

“It’s already been proven to be effective in increasing workplace productivity, making employees lives easier, and making the workday more exciting.”

Gamification infographic
Gamification infographic