Millennials ‘helping Taco Bell employees understand today’s slang’

Millennials 'helping Taco Bell employees understand today's slang'

June 25, 2015

The ability to listen is a much-trumpeted skill in the communication world.

But what if we struggle to understand what our customers or colleagues are saying?

Fast food chain Taco Bell faces that very problem – and has signed up younger employees to help its workforce understand the fresh slang of 2015.

With the English language forever evolving, the challenge of understanding the words used by younger generations is substantial.

Yet for the Mexican restaurant whose business appeals strongly to a younger demographic, the need to be able to translate customer feedback has never been so vital.

So the firm has taken an innovative step to try and resolve the issue – asking the Millennials among its workforce to decipher the terminology used by today’s youth.


CEO Brian Niccol told Marketing Mag that Taco Bell’s success has been underpinned by a desire to understand its customers better.

And that includes the way they talk.

“Some of these words you see, I don’t even know how you could use that in a sentence,” said Niccol.

So how do they approach the issue?

A hand-picked group of Taco Bell colleagues – all aged in their twenties – select a specific word each week.

Then they provide a written summary of its up-to-date meaning and send out a company-wide email entitled ‘Millennial Word of the Week’.

And the firm has not stopped there either.

It is also in the process of establishing a teen advisory board – creating a panel of young people to provide the company with invaluable feedback on today’s culture.

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