Employee surveys finished? No chance, says Admiral Group

Admiral Group reveals employee engagement secrets

June 29, 2015

Traditional employee surveys are irrelevant in the modern workplace and near to extinction, doom-mongers repeatedly claim.

Yet that’s not the case with Admiral Group. The insurance giant was ranked fourth in the 2015 Great Places to Work 2015 awards – and is a staunch supporter of the employee survey.

Ceri Assiratti, the firm’s Head of People Services, is keen to highlight how crucial staff surveys continue to be to the organisation and insists the business always act upon the invaluable feedback they provide.

He told HR Zone: “As with all the staff surveys we undertake, whether internal or external, we take the results very seriously.

“They provide us with valuable feedback from our employees and are a perfect way for us to identify areas where we may need to improve, and also what we do that staff like.

“We like to share the results with our staff so they feel their voices are being heard and we regularly update staff on any changes being made.

“Staff then feel that the surveys they complete are worthwhile, and that it’s their feedback that helps us take engagement to the next level.”

With more than 7,000 employees dispersed across the globe, effective internal communication is always going to be essential for the ever-growing Admiral Group.

So how do they tackle the sizeable challenge?

Ceri added: “We have a core Group philosophy which our different offices, locations, brands and operations around the world use as a basis for creating their own culture.

“We encourage them to put their own stamp on their company culture, and are delighted to see that they get recognised as great places to work in their own countries.

“The senior managers of our operations around the world are embedded in the Admiral culture and drive it forward in their own operations, which make for coherent yet distinct identities for each operation.”

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