How to begin an all-company internal meeting? Try a sing-a-long….

Employees sing and juggle to begin Etsy meetings

July 6, 2015

Website Etsy has a novel way of beginning all-company internal meetings – encouraging staff to showcase their talent.

Employees at the e-commerce site are invited to sing, juggle or do stand-up before the business’s monthly update as the event’s warm-up act.

Why? The peer-to-peer marketplace insists opening proceedings in such an unorthodox manner creates an openness that flows into the remainder of the meeting.

Elise Pereira, senior manager of Etsy’s internal communications, insists the performances boost focus and inspire conversation between colleagues who would probably not interact on a routine working day.

She told Business Insider: “You’re allowing a vulnerable exchange among employees. It creates this open and connected space.

“You feel a personal connection with the people up there, but also with the people in the room experiencing it with you.

“You feel like you’ve had a bonding experience with someone, when you see someone put themselves out there so fully.”

The opening act of the all-company meeting had been filled for two years by the Etsy band.

However when the group disbanded, they were replaced by employees happy to showcase a broader range of performing arts.

“It really brings people together,” says Sarah Starpoli, a member of the culture and engagement team at the US-based company. “It’s a connector.”

Remote workers are included too.

A live feed from the firm’s Brooklyn HQ ensures that Etsy employees unable to attend the monthly get-together in person don’t miss out.

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