Why a firm replaced email with Snapchat for a day

Why a firm replaced email with Snapchat for a day

July 20, 2015

Getting to grips with the latest trendy social media platforms can be a tricky thing.

Social media experts Sawhorse Media wanted to develop a deeper understanding of phone-messaging service Snapchat. Its approach?

Email chat, IM, commenting on Trello, and even phone calls were all banned. Instead, everything went through Snapchat for a single day.

Greg Galant, the firm’s founder and CEO, told TechCrunch an immersive approach was the best way to fully get to grips with a social network.

He wrote: “Total immersion in Twitter was the only way to really understand Twitter. How could we get everyone on our team to fully understand Snapchat?

“Then it hit me: We decided to declare one day at our company ‘Snapchat Day’.”

Mr Galant concedes the day did have its challenges – although younger members of the workforce provided guidance over effective use of the social channel.

He said: “Snapchat Day got off to a rough start. Obviously Snapchat was not designed to be an efficient business communication tool, and it sure isn’t.

“Halfway through the day we all became pretty good at sending messages using the platform and learning the basics of its unintuitive interface.

“The youngest people on our team became mentors to the rest of us — and by rest of us, I mean pretty much anyone older than 25.

“They showed us how to change font sizes and colours, add filters and make Snapchat stories. By the end of the day we were mostly pros, and several of us still use it and have upped our game since.”

So what lessons were learned from Snapchat day?

Mr Galant added: “If you find yourself and your team lacking understanding of a social network or new technology, don’t just read about how it works — you should completely immerse yourselves in it.

“The best way to learn a technology is to use it. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn in a day.”

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