Blog: internal comms should be at heart of any branding exercise

Internal comms should be at heart of any branding exercise

July 27, 2015

Any old marketeer can sit in a room, scratch their head and come up with what their brand should stand for.

The rebrand will probably make their organisation sound as wonderfully angelic as the next one, to the outside world. At a guess, it will probably be reliable. Possibly friendly. Yadder, yadder, yadder, we’ve heard it all before!

So how do you create a brand that isn’t superficial and stands for something? Simple – you build it from the inside out.

Nobody knows your business better than the people who live and breathe it every day.

But too often they are ignored.

Alicia Babaee
Alicia Babaee

Nothing disengages an employee more than the news that their business, which they dedicate most of their waking hours to, has gone and rebranded behind their backs, without so much as a mention of it until it is finalised.

Big mistake.

Strong internal buy-in when it comes to a brand refresh goes hand in hand with early consultation, meaningful two-way dialogue and plenty of notice.

Your employees will be able to tell you exactly what your brand stands for, so if a rebrand is on the agenda, it’s time to get talking to them about what that should look like.

Their insight is a valuable commodity.

You’ll end up with a consistent tone of voice across your communications, marketing and among your brand ambassadors.

There’s nothing worse than a business whose employees believe it doesn’t practise what it preaches.

Employees come first when it comes to branding, there are no two ways about it.

And the simple act of involving them is a guaranteed way if boosting morale and igniting passion, so it’s win-win.

A great example of this is an old campaign Bupa did called Helping You Find Healthy, which supported the repositioning of their brand.

Three months before going live externally, the campaign began internally.

Colleagues were made the stars of the campaign, which meant the vast majority of the workforce was aware of it before it hit the TV.

Clever Bupa.

Rebranding can be a fun, exciting and business-boosting journey; just make sure you invite your employees to join you in the adventure.