Yammer ‘helping Pizza Hut ditch noticeboards’

Yammer 'helping Pizza Hut ditch noticeboards'

July 31, 2015

Yammer has helped Pizza Hut transform its internal communication strategy in the UK.

The restaurant business introduced the internal social network in January this year – and has already seen 3,000 of its 8,000 dispersed workforce become regular users.

The firm – which owns 280 restaurants across the UK – has made a concerted attempt to wholeheartedly embrace the enterprise social network throughout working life, explained Gareth Hopley, head of communication.

He told Computing.co.uk: “We don’t recognise people with sales numbers, we recognise people through Yammer.

“So creating and sharing a space where people can achieve that is what we planned here.”

The introduction of the Microsoft-owned social platform is a far cry from some of the techniques that Pizza Hut previously used to communicate with its employees with the lion’s share of colleagues in the 18-25 age range.

My Hopley said: “In the past, a manager would print out a rota and pin it on a noticeboard, and now it’s all accessible through the internet.

“The thing we need is an engaged workforce. You won’t get that if all you get is people telling you what you should be doing every day.

“It becomes top-down heavy. The key word is engagement. They’d go there because they feel valued and their voice and opinion counts.

“It had to be very well connected to our culture – ‘The best of me, the best of us’.”

Trust is a key word in Pizza Hut’s approach towards Yammer.

Indeed feedback is helping to shape the business’s future.

Board members regularly sit down together, post a question to the workforce – and watch the responses from colleagues flow in almost instantly.

Mr Hopley added: “All sorts comes through. And we always said we’d never censor the site.

“There are some extreme exceptions, of course – if you wouldn’t be prepared to say it to a person in a restaurant or out loud.”

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