Infographic: Why the onboarding process matters

Infographic: Why onboarding matters

August 4, 2015

Onboarding. Induction. Orientation.

Whatever label your organisation gives to the new employee process, getting it right is nowadays essential.

Let’s make it clear.

A poorly constructed onboarding practice hits an organisation’s bottom line – and negatively impacts on employee engagement from the outset of a person’s career in the business.

That’s why we’ve created our great app – to give companies an interactive onboarding checklist at the touch of a button.

Employee onboarding is essential, yet often gets overlooked in the rush of everyday working life.

We know senior leaders can, at times, be skeptical over the true benefits of onboarding best practice.

So we’ve created this nifty infographic (below) to ensure no-one has any doubts about the advantages of getting the onboarding process right at the first attempt.

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Onboarding infographic
Onboarding infographic