Is ‘smart’ Cerkl the future for email newsletters?

Is 'smart' Cerkl the future for email newsletters?

August 6, 2015

Targeted communication has become big business for internal communication in 2015.

With the one-size-fits-all approach to comms nearing extinction, the era of personalised internal communication is now upon us.

So it is logical for traditional email newsletters to be given a reboot. And US-based start-up Cerkl believes it has the answer.


Cerkl’s simplicity is one of its key strengths.

Co-founder Sara Jackson explained to soapboxmedia.com: “Cerkl flips the traditional model of communication — of sending one message and guessing what everybody wants to hear — on its head.

“We ask the audience what they want to hear, what they like and what are their skills in order to empower organisations to personalise their communications.”

Interestingly, the control remains fully in the hands of the audience.

They can then personalise content based on interest, devise a delivery schedule that suits them and even nominate a preferred language.

Sara said: “We understand that people’s needs and interests evolve and change over time, so we watch that on behalf of the organisation.

“Unlike other newsletter platforms, where all you have is a name and an email address, with Cerkl you know who is on your list and what their interests are.

“So an organisation can search for specific interests and reach out to people based on that.”

The in-depth customisation for preferences – which is encouraged through smart tags and prompts – provides the ideal opportunity for the site’s engagement analytics to show exactly what the target audience is interested in, says Sara.

She added: “With open rates three to four times higher than the national average, our organisations can demonstrate they’re reaching and engaging their audience.”

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