Internal comms the ‘fastest growing area of communication’

Internal comms the 'fastest growing area of communication'

September 1, 2015

Internal comms is the fastest growing area of communication as its importance becomes ever clear in the workplace, according to an IC expert.

Comms specialist Di Burton believes effective internal communication’s priceless ability to alter people’s workplace behaviour is behind its recent dramatic rise to prominence.

She told website Mhub: “Internal comms is the fastest growing area of communications.

“There is a realisation that communications is about getting people to change their behaviour.

“The role has changed over time, before it may have revolved around building components of an employee newsletter but now it has expanded into a strategic discipline.

“Behaviour is the key.”

Di Burton
Di Burton

Di is sceptical over the value of the intranet in today’s world of two-way communication, calling them a “dumping ground” and a “traffic jam”.

She said: “When they were first introduced, the thinking was that intranets were a ‘magic wand’ for communication.

“This is certainly not the case; intranets now are more of an HR manual in the sky.

“They have generally become a traffic jam and dumping ground and it is often outdated and not a trusted source of information.”

And the future, particularly with technology in mind?

Di added: “Images, video and mobile – there is no question of the importance those three.

“Businesses have been slower in recognising the importance of using mobile technology to engage.

“The board is starting to recognise the need for mobile, now it is not just young people with smartphones on Facebook, it is for everyone of all ages.

“They do seem to have an understanding of those principles and are starting to recognise the power of technology and what it can do in this area.”

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