Making an impact: the power of connecting emotionally

CIPR Inside Making an impact conference review

October 16, 2015

This week, Jane Revell, Headlines’ Head of IC Strategy, attended the excellent CIPR Inside’s annual conference ‘Making an impact.’

Here she shares some of her thoughts on the event.

Jane Revell
Jane Revell

It was great to see such a full room of passionate, enthusiastic fellow IC professionals.

For me, the biggest things I took away from the conference were the emphasis on the need to connect emotionally with people and the importance of context in everything we do.

The top five things that stick in my mind are:

1. Rachel Miller showing this tear-jerking video from Friends of The Earth highlighting the impact of an emotional connection.

She said: “People may not remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel.”

A Love Story In Milk from Catsnake on Vimeo.

2. Hearing Tim Rutter’s account of the success of Tata Steel’s internal newspaper that they issue every ten days!

This gave a stark reminder of how important it is to understand your employees, their motivations and turn offs.

It was brilliant to see how both good and bad news were addressed, creating a channel that is genuinely for the people.

3. Listening to both Saskia Jones from Oxfam and Sarah Purdie from Clarks explaining their global approach to engaging with employees in very different, but hugely effective ways. Great presentations.

4. The energy in the room created by Stephanie Davis from Laughology.

Stephanie’s lively presentation brought home the need to connect with people’s thoughts and feelings, to remember that we’re all human beings and that humour is often a great way to connect with people.

5. The part I had been most looking forward to, Kevin Ruck’s presentation of his ICQ10 and AVID measurement model.

This lived up to expectations and I’m looking forward to hearing more from Kevin on this. Sasha Watson from ARM powerfully explained the impact of employee research and measurement to inform thinking and decision-making at her organisation.

Thanks to the CIPR Inside committee for organising such a great event and to all the excellent speakers throughout that day.