Infographic: stopping employees sleepwalking through work

Stopping employees sleepwalking through work

November 5, 2015

We’ve all been there. Sitting in a dull all-company presentation or yet another meaningless meeting, the mind can easily drift.

As internal communicators, it’s our challenge to stimulate and inspire – grabbing employees’ attention to get key messages across.

Why is it so important? Workplace zombies can cost A LOT of money.

The cost of low employee engagement is summed up Officevibe in the infographic at the bottom of the story.

Themed on the popular TV show The Walking Dead, the infographic looks at the impact of “The Working Dead” – otherwise known as actively disengaged employees in companies.

More sick days, being less productive and oozing negativity, the Working Dead’s problems speak for themselves.

Yet shaking things up can often do wonders for engagement within a company.

Not literally, of course, but routine – if left to fester for long enough – can often descend into an unhealthy malaise.

It is this change – or disruption if you wish – that presentation tool Prezi is looking to capitalise upon. With many complaining of PowerPoint fatigue, the pan-and-zoom tool is turning its focus on helping organisations connect with employees.

CEO Peter Arvai told diginomica:

“It usually starts with an evangelist inside of an organisation realising that this is just a more effective way of sharing their stories.

“Then as they work — most people don’t work in silos — they collaborate with other people.”

Mr Arvai added: “We’ve learned that if you sit in an audience and you see someone presenting with bullet points, you’re less likely to actually understand the content than if the presenter had not used any visual aids at all. Audiences get confused by, should they listen to the presenter or try to read? Our brains aren’t really capable of doing both at the same time.

“If you show a picture, that reinforces the message you’re talking about because it doesn’t compete in the same way for cognitive resources.

“Beyond that, what Prezi does and what slide-based tools can’t do, is show relationships. To understand an idea, you need to be able to connect the dots. That is really the essence that became the strength of Prezi.

“Increasingly in the last few years we’ve been thinking a lot about how can we give people experiences of being successful as they develop their presentations but also inspire them to push their ideas and stories further.”

Prezi, it seems, is determined to stop ‘The Working Dead’ sleepwalking through office life.

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The Working Dead: The High Cost Of Low Employee Engagement InfographicThis infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the employee engagement solution that helps engage employees, so they don’t become THE WORKING DEAD.