Blog: Less is often more for internal comms

Less can be more for internal communication

December 1, 2015

We’ve all been there.

Countless content needed to be delivered across a list of channels that seems to expand with every cuppa you make.

The content fug as I often refer to it. But is this approach effective?

The hub of the issue is everyone wants a piece of internal communication these days – a slice of employee engagement glory.

So demands on IC teams have inevitably risen as a result.

Yet does quantity really equate to better internal comms?

I would argue not.

So it was refreshing to read this excellent blog from strategic comms expert Rebecca Camilleri about the need to cut the ‘blah, blah, blah’ out of internal communication.

She wrote: “It has never been more critical to succinctly and articulately get across your message and perfect the elevator pitch.

“Ideas and initiatives live and die by their owner’s ability to connect. We connect with carefully selected words, either written or spoken.”

Yet time and time again Headlines’ experts see content repeated across internal channels regardless of suitability.

Such a scatter-gun approach limits reach and negates impact.

Indeed it is rare to find a single piece of content that works across every single channel out there without any alteration.

We always suggest a more premeditated, structured approach towards delivering content.

Time, of course, is a precious commodity for both the audience and the IC teams.

But taking an hour or so to carefully plan the best approach for key messaging will benefit all involved.

It is like the old saying: Less is sometimes more.