Facebook at Work first thoughts

December 17, 2015

Facebook is coming to an office near you – and we’ve been given an early glimpse.

The social media giant will go head-to-head with Yammer with the eagerly awaited launch of its enterprise version.

Experts have been developing Facebook At Work for almost two years.

A closed beta has been running since January – and Headlines is one of a select few invited to take part.

We will begin early next year, but what do we make of it so far?

Social Media Manager Martin Smith says familiarity adds to the appeal of corporate Facebook.

He said: “Almost everyone knows how to use Facebook.

“That understanding means people trust its enterprise version – and virtually no training is required.

“It is logical and easy to navigate opposed to some of the more clunky functionality in many ESNs.

“And the difference between corporate and personal accounts is obvious –removing fears of work life intruding on personal time via Facebook.”

Read our full review of Facebook At Work in the next edition of IC Magazine.