Blog: Priorities for internal comms in 2016

Internal communications priorities for 2016

December 29, 2015

After the inevitably hectic run-up to Christmas, the short break between Christmas and New Year is a perfect chance to reflect – and think about plans for the next year.

As internal communications continues to fight its corner for a place as a strategic management discipline, these are my reflections on the biggest issues facing the industry at the moment and the priorities for the forthcoming year.

Throughout 2015, many organisations globally seem to continue to grapple with the following internal communications challenges:

1. Taking an evidence based approach to IC, measuring not only outputs but outcomes and reviewing in relation to business performance.
2. Channel management and rationalisation, including email overload versus a smarter, more strategic use of email and digital communication.
3. Engaging and involving all employees in the overall business strategy, particularly reaching ‘remote’ and offline employees.
4. Encouraging a ‘one team’ peer-to-peer communication approach, introducing more social and interactive channels as well as placing trust in employees through user generated content.
5. Using video more effectively for internal communications including animation, vox pops, vlogging and mobile to add extra depth to online content.

Jane Revell
Jane Revell

Along with a continued focus on these, here are my priority areas to focus on during 2016:

1. Supporting leaders and managers to create a culture that encourages employees to speak up and give honest views. This can only happen by trusting employees and giving them a voice that is treated seriously.
2. Continuing to drive professionalism in internal communications including using academic thinking to make IC practice more effective and strategic through qualifications and continuous professional development (CPD).
3. Facilitating genuine employee dialogue, understanding diverse workforces and using regular and continuous research to engage different employees.
4. Focusing more on outcomes and achievements, providing opportunities for more agile and flexible working in the industry.
5. Communicating change and supporting leaders, managers and different employee groups through change management.

I’d love to hear your views on the key areas to consider for IC professionals in 2016 as well as to hear your achievements and perspectives from 2015. Drop me a line at jane.revell@headlines.uk.com