Why experience adds up for internal communication

Experience adds up for internal communication

January 14, 2016

You can’t buy experience, they say.

And years of corporate know-how certainly helps when you’re facing a tricky employee engagement challenge.

Bessie Kokalis is director of internal communication at Philip Morris International (PMI), the US global tobacco company.

Kokalis spent the last decade working in a number of high-profile roles within PMI, including director of Research and Development (R&D) communications and director of commercial for approach and planning.

This in-house knowledge, she believes, has been vital when trying to build engagement across the company.

She explained: “Today, I feel that I understand how our organisation works, what drives it, how our teams contribute and what motivates them, and how to address them in a language that’s simple, transparent and credible.

“I feel that this understanding is helpful for our global internal communications initiatives.”

This experience is proving crucial as she tackles her current project: building engagement with a global workforce that has online, office-based employees and a significant number of offline, factory-based employees too.

It’s a challenge that Kokalis relishes.

She told PR Week: “We want to make sure everyone is ‘connected’ regardless of where they be may be in the organisation.

“I’ve always been stimulated by challenging assignments, and every step along the way I’ve been very lucky to find them.”

Kokalis revealed that PMI measures internal communication success via engagement and activation.

She added: “That is not only how our employees consume internal content, but the steps they take after communication to get involved, to participate.”

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