Gatwick Airport ramps up personalised internal comms

Gatwick Airport ramps up personalised internal comms

January 28, 2016

Targeted communication is more than a couple of buzzwords.

Personalising content to fit with the audience’s interests makes sense but can be time-consuming.

Yet with online channels becoming ever more prominent, the ability to measure and enhance employee engagement is crucial.

Gatwick Airport confirmed this week it has adopted Webtrends Analytics to personalise its Sharepoint intranet for its 2,600 employees.

Linda Mortimer, internal communications executive at Gatwick, told website PR Rocket: “Now that we have usage analytics, we can exploit our SharePoint intranet to its full potential.

“Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint has given us clear insight into how our employees are navigating pages and content, how they interact, share ideas, and which assets are most useful.

“We’ll be using this to improve our site going forward.”

In short, Gatwick is crunching numbers to ensure its workforce gets the content that matters to them.

Although the project is in its infancy, early feedback is encouraging with almost a third of employees accessing the intranet during a month-long period.

She added: “We have been impressed not only with the information we can now access with Webtrends, but also with the impeccable service we receive from our account team.

“They have taken the time to understand our challenges and have used an intelligent approach to ensure we were given exactly what we needed.”