Revealed: the stats behind employee onboarding

The stats behind employee onboarding

February 3, 2016

Best practise for successful employee onboarding makes a real difference.

Get induction right and newcomers are more likely to be engaged, highly productive colleagues. Mess up the onboarding process and there’s every chance the new employee won’t last too long at your organisation.

First impressions count.

That’s why Headlines have created The Onboarding App to help employee onboarding get off on the right foot.

Headlines onboarding app from H3 Productions on Vimeo.

Best practice in the corporate induction process is essential but we tend to find it gets overlooked by far too many organisations.

So it was refreshing to read this excellent blog from Lessonly highlighting the need for robust employee onboarding.

Here is a selection of our favourite facts:
• More than a third of companies spend NOTHING on onboarding – despite splashing out thousands on recruitment. Bizarre.
• A quarter of organisations say their induction process includes no training.
• Employees who enjoy a well-structured onboarding programme are 69 per cent more likely to stay with that company for up to three years.
• Half of companies set NO goals or targets for new recruits to aim towards.

To see how our employee onboarding app works, visit the website here….