How to banish a toxic office atmosphere

How to banish a bad office atmosphere

February 23, 2016

Negativity breeds contempt, they say. This is true in many workplaces, where the odd grumble can quickly escalate into a toxic atmosphere.

It is not confined to big organisations either – a smaller company can easily struggle with bad vibes too.

Many factors can contribute towards a negative atmosphere – from a perceived lack of communication to rising stress levels.

Yet there are three elements that can help bring sunshine into working life according to David Price, managing director of Health Assured.

Lead from the front
Employees look towards senior leadership for guidance, support and knowledge. Without it, relationships can suffer.
He said: “Management should be advocates of internal communication, facilitating staff-management-staff interaction.
“Without clear channels of communication, employees find it hard to develop meaningful relationships with colleagues and management, encouraging a sense of isolation in the workplace and, as a result, impeding the quality of work.
“Managers hold the responsibility of implementing a structure, which not only improves business productivity, but also makes working for the company a rewarding experience.”

Create the right environment
Cluttered desks, noisy neighbours, too little space – the working environment can play a crucial part in helping create positivity.
David said: “There are certain variables within the workplace that may seem small and harmless, but that can actually have a serious effect on workplace morale.”

It is not all about work
Balance is required for a successful workplace. Of course work is important but it should not be at the expense of everything else. A work-life balance is needed. How can this be done?
David added: “Coming into work and sitting at our desk, staying glued to our computer screens is not productive.
“Encourage active participation, idea generation and allow employees to bring something different to the table. Celebrate a win, whether securing a new client or successfully completing a gruelling project.
“Try something small such as delivering fruit baskets, organise a staff event or provide employees with an hour early finish. Not only will employees feel appreciated but it will rejuvenate and encourage them to continue working hard.”

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