Lack of tech ‘hurting UK internal comms’

Lack of tech ‘hurting UK internal comms’

March 10, 2016

A lack of cutting-edge technology in UK workplaces is having a negative impact on internal communications, according to a new survey.

Research released this month reveals at almost 41 per cent of those quizzed felt internal comms could be ‘greatly enhanced’ if their working environment had better tech.

The new survey, carried out by online expense management provider webexpenses, also suggested team management would improve if the right technology was introduced to UK offices.

Adam Reynolds, CEO of webexpenses, said: “It’s clear from the results of the research that the office working environment creates some common challenges for employees.

“What’s more, it’s these seemingly small frustrations that can indicate deeper-rooted issues that are potentially holding back many UK businesses.”

Over-reliance on printed forms – such as expenses and holiday requests – was one of the main bug bears among the employees quizzed.

Other key findings include:

• A quarter of respondents believed their organisation’s client and sales approach would benefit from updated technology.
• 30 per cent cited colleagues moaning as their biggest gripe in office life.
• 85 per cent believed they could do their role more effectively if they had the right tech to work with.

Mr Reynolds added: “Business leaders need to clearly listen to the concerns of their employees and think about how improvements can be made in the working environment.”