Employers ‘need to be flexible over Euro 2016’

Employers ‘need to be flexible over Euro 2016’

June 9, 2016

Organisations need to be flexible with employees during Euro 2016, according to workplace experts Acas.

The prestigious summer tournament kicks off tomorrow, June 10, in France.

England, of course, expects.

Roy Hodgson’s young team enjoyed a flawless qualifying campaign and the Three Lions will now be looking to continue their impressive form into the competition.

But the European feast of football will bring its own problems for employers – particularly with many of the matches kicking off in regular working hours.

It is widely predicted that England’s game against Wales – scheduled for 2pm on Thursday, June 16 – will cause headaches.

Sir Brendan Barber, chair of Acas, urges employers to be flexible over the coming weeks – and reminded employees of their responsibilities.

“The Euro 2016 tournament is an exciting event for many football fans but staff should avoid getting a red card for unreasonable demands or behaviour in the workplace during this period.

“Many businesses need to maintain a certain staffing level in order to survive.

“Employers should have a set of simple workplace agreements in place before kick-off to help ensure their businesses remain productive whilst keeping staff happy too.”

Acas advice includes:

Annual leave: employers should be flexible when considering holiday in the tournament and employees should not expect to be granted the time off. A little understanding is required on both sides.

Flexible working: allowing employees to start earlier or finish later could be a solid compromise. Additionally, staff may be allowed to take breaks around the football, if they so wish.

Drinking: Having a beer while watching the footie may seem like second nature but there may be a clear no alcohol policy at work and employees may need a reminder. You have been warned!