Case study: How O2 created ‘world-class internal comms’

How O2 created world class internal communications

June 14, 2016

Once a month, O2’s workforce can tune in to the company’s internal radio show by Dominic Byrne, Radio X’s breakfast show co-host.

It’s just one of the ways the UK mobile phone provider engages its employees.

Alongside a TV channel live streaming business news and employee events at Twickenham Stadium, it’s no wonder they’ve recorded a consistent ‘world-class’ employee engagement score on Hays Group Insight with more than 70 per cent.

It’s thanks to their integrated approach that its internal comms and employee engagement team is winning awards across the board, including IC Team of the Year at the IC Brilliance Awards and Best Internal Communications Campaign of the Year at the PRmoment Awards.

Sarah Mullins, Head of Change Communication and previous Head of Internal Communications at O2, told us how they’ve achieved their success.

She said: “The secret to us having a successful dedicated team is that we’re part of a comms family where we can all share skills and content.

“It’s great to work in a team where it’s easy to understand what’s happening in wider comms.

“It’s about two-way communication rather than just an afterthought of PR, which I know can happen in some organisations.

“You really do get a stronger story when you work in that environment.

Sarah believes a consistent focus on quality is key to their success.

“We are the number one network for customer service satisfaction, so you can see that relationship flow though – happy people, happy customers.

“It’s a powerful combination to make sure you’ve got the right resources and right narrative to deliver quality internal comms to people.

“It’s all about making sure that experience inside isn’t totally disconnected from the outside.”