What lessons can we learn from Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go real-time messenger app teaches valuable IC lessons

July 15, 2016

Heard shouts of ‘when will my egg hatch?’ or ‘there’s a Psyduck!’ as you go about your business? You’re not the only one. In a matter of days, millions have downloaded Pokémon Go. Users collect the mythical creatures, based on the popular Japanese cartoon, by hunting them using real-time GPS.

Gamers are getting off their sofas and into the great outdoors to capture the ‘wild’ creatures (find out how it works here).

Whether you’re playing it or not, Pokémon Go is a global talking point right now. In just a week, it’s been downloaded to an estimated five per cent of smartphones, and experts reckon it will soon surpass Twitter with daily active users.

But how does it relate to internal communcations you ask? Well, currently more people are hunting for Pokémon in the wilderness than using Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook Messenger. Pokémon Go, just like the other top apps, is free and relatively simple for users. It’s also built a community of similarly minded people very quickly. And if a business isn’t made up of similarly minded people then what is?

In fact, one bright spark has created a messenger app specifically for Pokémon Go users. It helps them communicate with other trainers in the area so they can conquer gyms together, catch rare creatures or start lure modules (Google it!). You can read all about it here.

So, are you looking for ways to engage a workforce based across the UK? Maybe you have lots of remote workers with no easy way for them to talk to each other?

Take a lesson from Pokémon and think about building a real-time messenger app for your employees. They could quickly find out who else from their company is nearby, or you could use it to let them have open discussions with each other. Or maybe you just want them to have a platform to share images, videos and conversations about the industry.

Just make sure they don’t spend all their time hunting rare Japanese monsters …