Will you go live?

November 18, 2016

In the age of the internet, we want to know what’s going on right now – and these days we don’t even need to wait for videos to finish recording before we can see what’s happening.

When scrolling through your Facebook feed, you might have seen friends ‘go live’. Companies including Benefit and Dunkin’ Donuts have also clocked the advantages of the live-streaming feature, which launched in April, and have used it to host workshops, product launches and interviews.

Live streaming draws a huge amount of engagement – from initial data, Facebook has seen that people comment over 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.

And, luckily for internal comms, Workplace also allows users to ‘go live’.

If employees are out of the office during a presentation, Workplace Live is the perfect solution, allowing them to tune in wherever they are in real-time, or catch up later.

The feature was a hit with nbn employees for the launch of its SkyMuster™ satellite. Firstly it coordinated the launch using Workplace’s chat function, then it live streamed the event itself so employees worldwide could watch it live, no matter where they were.

Its success was clear from the 1,400 posts, 1,700 comments and 8,400+ reactions across the business in a day.

While Headlines had no rocket to launch, we were inspired to ‘go live’ and see the benefits ourselves.

Live-streaming a presentation for employees who were out of the office was easy – just remember to hold the device upright as the video won’t be flipped to landscape mode.

Social Media Manager Martin Smith watched our live stream from out of the office. He said: “The ease of use is impressive: open up the app and click on the feed. In terms of simplicity, it is far easier than most video comms platforms. The quality can be variable but the sound is clear and buffering minimal.

“It is a perfect solution for those on the move with little time. Two clicks of your phone and you can watch the latest company announcement regardless of location. Another feather in Workplace’s cap.”