Guest blog: I am not a post box

February 8, 2018
This week we hand over the reins to Kelly Regan-Mears, Head of Communications at Connect Plus Service – a civil engineering company based in Hertfordshire. 

Ask your average IC professional to describe their physical attributes, and I’m guessing squat, red and strategically placed on street corners aren’t the words you’ll hear. So, if we don’t look like a post box, why are we treated as such?

Good internal communication is an art: our objective is always to engage our audience through creative and carefully crafted copy. There’s also a strategic approach to our discipline – who wants to be bombarded with nice to know messages? We get the ‘need to know’ delivered and wrap up the rest in a regular communique that allows us to indulge our love of words and cheesy headlines.

We’re also masters at finding key points in what we’ve been asked to communicate, the interesting needles in the haystack of lesser importance. When you submit a missive, please don’t expect it to be replicated verbatim. We’ll edit it to improve it, and provide you with a masterpiece that works for everyone.

For those businesses that recognise the importance of employee engagement, that want to invest in and build their brand, the IC professional is a critical member of your team, not just the person who owns the coveted distribution list all. 

We’re more than a conduit for words – we’re skilled virtuosi with stories to share. We know our discipline, and we know how to communicate effectively. We’re not ‘mai’l or ‘femail’ – we’re maestros. We apply the stamp of excellence to what we write. We may keep you posted, but we’re not posties. 

We may keep you posted, but we're not posties.