Live passionately

Everyone at Headlines has a real zest for life and a passion for what we do. In our office, supporting our charities and working with our clients, you’ll find us fun, enthusiastic, vibrant – and always professional.

Explore freely

We’re adventurous, thoughtful, brave, bold and inventive. We’re boundary pushers, explorers and challengers of the status quo. We enjoy change and strive to shape the future rather than follow it.

Be down to earth

We tell it like it is – cutting through the complexity to create communications that really mean something and make a difference. We’re an honest team with strong morals and a commitment to straight talking. That translates into the way we work and the communications we create.

Ignite conversations

We succeed by harnessing the talent around us. Collaboration and teamwork are our priorities. We spark new ideas by talking to our colleagues and clients – and we trigger conversations between their employees. We believe working and talking openly together is vital for success.

Be brilliant

Our clients expect the best and we strive to be even better. We thrive on being brilliant in the work we do and the way we do it – and we constantly challenge ourselves and our clients in pursuit of excellence.