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Skim.it app review

The Skim.it concept is simple: the app takes large pages of text and condenses them into short, bite-size summaries that can be shared between contacts.

Available to add as a bookmark button in Safari, IE and Firefox, and as an extension in Chrome, Skim.it aims to pluck out the key points from copy-heavy articles at the click of a button – in just 0.3 seconds, the site claims.

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LiveSift review

Ever sat in a meeting thinking it should have finished 20 minutes ago? Or waited until the end to ask a burning question but thought better of it in case you ruffled any feathers? I certainly have and I am confident I’m not the only one out there.

Meetings can be tedious but they are a necessity in any business, often resulting in added creativity and new ideas. They do tend to overrun with the same people talking and little interaction from the wider business.

So what can we do to make meetings more focused, more efficient and more inclusive? LiveSift believes it has the answer.

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App review: Recognize

Recognize allows organisations to show instant appreciation to colleagues who successfully demonstrate company values.

By providing immediate feedback to employees, Recognize claims to increase productivity, focus colleagues and produce higher quality work through a “recognition feedback loop”. It’s also aimed at distributed workforces, helping to break down distance-related boundaries across teams.

So does it work?

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