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Internal comms error blamed for car explosion

Internal communications is, quite rightly, regarded as a very serious business.

And on the odd occasion when IC goes badly wrong, the fallout can be difficult.

But rarely does an internal comms fail happen in such spectacular fashion that a car is blown up as a result.

Cumbria Police cited ‘an internal communications error’ as the reason why a controlled explosion was carried out on a ‘suspicious’ car.

Bomb squad officers carried out the explosion outside Workington police station in February after concerns were voiced about a Vauxhall Corsa parked outside.

However it turned out colleagues had parked the car outside the station after helping its owner, who had been taken ill.

The gaffe cost £2,000, according to BBC News. This includes repairs and recovery of the car, as well as overtime costs in connection with the incident.

A force spokesperson told BBC News with “information known at the time, appropriate action was taken with public safety prioritized.”
The forced intended to “ensure this does not happen again,” he said.

An IC fail can indeed have unintentional, not to mention serious, repercussions – just ask Vauxhall.

An IC faux pas saw news of the French car manufacturer PSA Group‘s £1.9 billion purchase of General Motors’ European unit, which includes Vauxhall, leak in the press.

However they had not told the staff involved – sparking anger among employees amid concerns over job security and pensions.

Blog: shaping content for social

Audiences can be a fickle bunch. Despite being given more choice over communication than ever before, they continually demand more.

Choice. Convenience. No fuss. They want it all – on their own terms. As internal communicators we have to adapt to those challenges, and produce content that can grab the fleeting attention of colleagues.

But how do you produce content that truly stands out in the social media landscape?

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Traditional internal communication is dead, claims former BBC IC chief

Traditional internal communication is finished and must be replaced by a more individual-centric approach, says the former head of IC at the BBC.

Lucy Adams, who left her high-profile position as the Beeb’s director of HR and internal comms in April 2104, insists successful future internal communication will be “all about the individual employee and how they prefer to communicate”.

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Blog: beneath the veil, the BBC is evil

The BBC, NHS and the Church of England share some common ground. They enjoy a status of near divinity in the British psyche.

Question their integrity or form and you might as well try arguing the case for child abuse.

The BBC in particular is almost universally regarded as a national treasure. Advert free telly from people you can trust. Only a philistine would threaten our Auntie … she’s part of what being British is all about.

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