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Internal comms ‘helps no-CEO firm to thrive’

Powerful. Decisive. Inspirational.

The CEO is the big beast of any organisation – the person who signs off (or not) on the decisions that truly matter.

Because the buck, after all is said and done, nearly always stops with them.

They are a staple part of today’s corporate fabric – commonplace alongside email overload and water cooler conversations.

So it was a surprise to read about the company that decided to ditch its top dog – and has thrived as a result.

Swedish software consultancy Crisp had trialled numerous leadership structures before deciding to axe the organisation’s chief executive role altogether, reports BBC News.

Developer Yassal Sundman said: “We said, ‘what if we had nobody as our next CEO – what would that look like?’

“And then we went through an exercise and listed down the things that the CEO does.

“When we looked at it we had nothing left in the CEO column [with duties picked up by other senior leaders or colleagues], and we said, ‘alright, why don’t we try it out?’”

It sounds straight forward, doesn’t it?

Nonetheless it is a huge leap into the unknown for most businesses.

In 2015, tech company MT Online revealed it had ditched emails, meetings and managers with great success.

But this radical idea is another level again.

The trust element is certainly refreshing – particularly with some businesses considering state-of-the-art ‘workplace sensors’ to monitor and potentially enhance productivity.

Interestingly, the lack of a visible leading figure at Crisp has seen internal communications becoming a crucial part of the organisation’s new-look decision-making process.

So what role does IC play in Crisp’s approach?

Involvement. The business holds a four-day meeting for its 40 members of staff every three months. These are used to tackle the ‘bigger’ issues that impact on the entire business.
Ownership. Colleagues are encouraged to openly discuss plans or bounce ideas off each other instead of taking them ‘upstairs’.
Responsibility. Workers are highly motivated because they have a shared sense of responsibility, says Henrik Kniberg, organisational coach. “If you want to get something done, you stand up and start driving that.”
Measurement. Crisp takes employee engagement seriously with regular measurement. Currently, the average is about 4.1 out of 5.

To read the full article, visit the BBC News website here….

Helping a CEO connect with an internal audience

We tend to find most CEOs are in a unique position. When they speak, people – both members of the internal and external audience – will listen.

This unparalleled reach alone should make a chief executive’s words an invaluable part of a corporate communications plan.

But there are pitfalls too as many internal communications professionals will testify. So what simple steps can be taken to maximise the reach of your CEO’s communication?

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