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Employee branding is more important than ever before

What is branding? Most people would think of it as being a company’s logo, or even their strapline or colour palette.

But it’s actually far more than just a series of words and logos.

It’s about every single experience and interaction someone has with your company, be it in your shop, over the phone, on your website, through your newsletter, using your product or service and so on.

It’s no different for your employees. After all, they are the biggest – and potentially the best – advocates for your brand.

Getting your employee branding right will not only help you to build a positive image, internally and externally, but it will also help you to attract and retain the very best talent, which is key to a company’s potential to grow.

To attract and retain the right people, brands today need to work harder than ever before on creating a positive experience for their employees.

If employees are treated in a way that makes them feel valued, trusted, proud and able to make a difference, your company will reap the rewards.

It’s my opinion that the best way to make people feel valued is by recognising and rewarding high-performing employees. Who doesn’t want to be able to feel like they’ve made such an important difference to their company that their work deserves to be recognised?

An employee who feels valued is likely to spread the word about their experience, what makes their workplace unique and why it’s a great place to work. This will make your company a far more attractive proposition to potential talent.

Social media means that brands have had no choice but to adapt, and honesty and transparency are now high on the agenda.

Potential candidates look to the experiences of other employees to make decisions as to whether they trust a company and want to work for it. They certainly don’t base their decisions on recruitment campaigns.

And that’s why getting your branding right internally is equally important to – if not more important than – how you want people to perceive your company internally.

Guest blog: Employees need to be brand advocates in a digital world

Julia Brook, Director of PR Services at Lea Barn Consultancy, explains why embracing digital means businesses must safeguard their reputation with employees – not just external customers.

In today’s social media-driven world, organisations are more exposed than ever before.

Gone are the days when bad news could be buried and unethical corporate behaviour swept under the carpet. In the digital economy, businesses face higher levels of scrutiny from customers, colleagues, prospective employees, shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Companies of all sizes – and in every industry – have to be accountable for what they say and do, with instances of unethical or unjust behaviour managed proactively rather than reactively. Just ask Donald Trump.

So while there is a huge opportunity and, indeed, imperative for organisations to invest in and benefit from new communication platforms, a focus on reputational risk must be a priority.

This has obvious implications for internal communications and employee relations. Research from Accenture Strategy found that 60 per cent of employees publicly share information about their rewards, salaries and opinions of their manager’s performance on social media sites.

Similarly, websites like glassdoor.co.uk have risen to prominence, enabling professionals to share reviews on the best and worst companies to work for, as well as compare salaries and experiences.

Such sites have the potential to impact your brand not only with potential employees but also customers whom are likely to make purchase decisions based on reputation. The media furore over zero-hours contracts and backlash again Sports Direct springs to mind.

Internal communications takes on new importance in this environment. If organisations truly care about attracting and retaining the top talent, it’s vital they:

• Are in tune with their workforce
• Communicate relevant and honest information on a regular basis
• Have the overall aim of ensuring employees become brand advocates in the same way as external customers.

It’s also important that the workforce is your first port of call when crisis hits. Bearing in mind the speed of social media, internal communications have a key role to play in keeping employees informed about what has happened and what is happening.

When corporate reputation is on the line, speedy internal communications are now as important as preparing external statements. Employees should not have to read about bad news on social media before receiving the official (and honest) version of events from the senior team.

So while digital provides exciting opportunities for all organisations, we shouldn’t forget that it also needs careful management.

Companies aren’t able to hide, so they have to be open and honest with their employees – great internal process and dedicated communications platforms will mean an external crisis or threat to corporate reputation need not also be an internal one.