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How to hold a successful Facebook Live Q&A on Workplace

Facebook has released a handy hints guide to help businesses maximise the impact of Facebook Live on Workplace.

Facebook’s long anticipated move into the workplace seems well-timed – particularly with latest research suggesting a staggering 48% of UK workers are often unhappy at work.

The ESN, which has been touted as big rival to the likes of Yammer and Slack, has seen thousands of organisations sign up.

And Facebook Live – the popular live video streaming service – has quickly become an integral part of Workplace’s appeal, which enables broadcasts straight to employees’ phones/desktops regardless of location.

Here are Facebook’s top tips on holding a successful Q&A session via Facebook Live:

* Use a tripod and microphone to create a higher quality experience.
* Create polls to source questions from employees before hosting Q&A streaming sessions.
* For greater engagement, prioritise the most popular questions (found at the top of the poll) and ask them first.
* Practice a Q&A beforehand to avoid embarrassing slip ups.
* Be on time.
* Have a strong internet connection.
* Call people by name.
* Thank them for participating.
* Have a moderator assigned to deal with interaction and comments.

A Workplace spokesperson said: “Many of you have used live video to broadcast company meetings, share customer stories, special moments and more.

“Live video works for everyone: from retailers who are using it to train their staff on new products all the way up to leadership teams who are announcing important updates and hosting Q&A sessions.”

The social media giant launched the Workplace brand at the end of 2016 – after a year-long beta.

Headlines was part of the exclusive beta – and you can read our review of Workplace here.

Facebook at Work ‘counting on familiarity factor’

Imagine the scene. A group of builders in the UK reach the end of their working day.

One snaps a picture on their smartphone – a quick, hassle-free update on their daily graft.

That image is then pinged to construction colleagues working on-site in Japan and Germany, who are able to see the UK team’s progress without having to barely break stride. This is not fiction.

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