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Headlines’ new website: big, bold and Brutalist

Headlines’ edgy new website has gone live, breaking away from the standard WordPress mould.

As IC thought leaders in IC, Headlines is no stranger to doing things a bit differently.

Never afraid to go against the grain, Headlines’ CEO Peter Doherty’s controversial Devil’s Advocate blog always ruffles feathers.

The Headlines team built a stand-out new site from scratch, with some of its design influences taking a nod from web Brutalism – ‘a ruggedness and lack of concern to look comfortable or easy’.

“We like doing things our own way,” says Mark Newnham, Head of Creative at Headlines, “leading rather than copying.”

“So we wanted to create something unconventional that would not blend in.

Our values are to live passionately, explore freely, be down to earth, ignite conversations and be brilliant.

“We’ve embraced these in our playful, youthful and straight-talking design.”

With case studies at its heart and a comprehensive news and thought leadership section – populated by Headlines own experts and external guest bloggers, it will be a knowledge-sharing hub for industry professionals.

The quirky new site combines: huge, oversized type; minimalism; black and white with accents of colour; simple wording; and oversized, close-up static and GIF images.

Mark says: “We want people to remember our site.

“They say web Brutalism is a ‘reaction by a younger generation to the lightness, optimism, and frivolity of today’s web design’.

“Our site has an original, non-templated feel, taking some of its influences from this Brutalist approach.

“It minimises waffle and gets straight to the point.”