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Poo-gate uni email shows need for careful internal comms

Internal communications never stay internal for too long – just ask Strathclyde University.

Disgusted chiefs at the Scottish university’s Technology and Innovation Centre fired off a terse email asking students and staff to stop poo-ing in bins and showers.

Of course, a telling-off over this type of revolting issue was never going to stay quiet for long.

And soon the university was busy apologising to academics for the contents of the ‘internal’ communication.

The Daily Record reports the science hub’s cleaning staff were deeply unhappy by the peculiar toiletry habits of some users.

The memo, which was addressed to “TIC occupants”, stated: “Given the incidence of people pooing in bins, showers and the likes – can I please remind all TIC occupants that the toilets have been provided for that specific purpose.

“All bodily fluids, solids and toilet paper must be disposed of down the toilet.

“While I appreciate that the TIC population is multi-cultural and different countries have different practices, here in the UK the accepted practice is to use only the WC.”

Yet the straight-to-the-point email – issued by the centre’s operations management team – did not go at all well with staff.

And with the email quickly finding its way into the hands of a gleeful press, the IC fail was obvious.

It is a myth that internal comms stay internal.

That’s why internal comms need to be carefully considered – particularly when dealing with tricky topics like poo in the shower or bin.

A Strathclyde University spokeswoman said: “We’ve apologised for any offence caused to colleagues.

“The email contained sentiments completely contrary to our institutional values and should not have been sent.

“It was recalled as soon as it came to our attention and we swiftly issued an apology to staff.”