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Money doesn’t always equal happiness – especially at work

It’s no secret that workplace atmosphere affects productivity and happiness. But how exactly do employers create a positive atmosphere?

What actually motivates employees, and what role can internal communication play?

Wildgoose – a leading provider of employee engagement and team events – helped shed light on this by surveying people from 120 UK companies about whether financial reward or happiness in the office was more important to them.

And their findings reveal some great opportunities for IC professionals to make an impact.

61 per cent of people value happiness over salary

How much money could your organisation be wasting on financial incentives that don’t incentivise?

How much talent is being lost to competitors for the want of some simple changes to the work environment?

Speak to your people. Find out what motivates them and ask questions that uncover what drives those who value happiness over wages.

Good IC could reveal lots of effective, cost-friendly ways to make employees happier at work.


This proportion increases with seniority

In fact, 70 per cent of entry-level interns and executives say happiness is more important than salary.

If you’re trying to connect with younger people, use the right channels. Instant messaging apps are a favourite among millennials and Generation i.

Email remains moderately popular, but talking on the phone has fallen out of favour among youngsters.


57 per cent of people said having a best friend in the office makes work more enjoyable

And that isn’t all. 32 per cent said this makes them more productive and 22 per cent said it makes them more creative.

Can internal communication create workplace friendships? Probably not, but it can contribute to an environment in which friendships naturally flourish.

Share news updates that serve as conversation starters.

Set up website profiles so colleagues know a little about each other. If people are shy or retiring, encourage them to come out of their shells by sharing their more extraordinary stories, whether work-related or not.


Mandy Chase, PA to the Board and Office Manager at Wildgoose, told Headlines: “While comparing internships to full-time established roles is difficult, it’s always worth managers spending time getting to know their workforce and what constitutes reward and recognition to each individual.

“While some employees would regard monetary reward as the highest form of recognition, others would highly prize a more personal gesture, whether that’s a gift, a day out or some form of team recognition.”

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