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Infographic: how publications make a business more profitable

It’s easy to spend so much time and energy on creating a snazzy internal publication that you forget all about it once it hits the stands.

But what about all the wonderful things it goes on to achieve? Headlines details your publication’s journey post-print.

Your publication hits the stands. It’s taken blood, sweat and tears, but it’s worth it. Employees pick it up – and it starts fulfilling its destiny.

Publication's post-print journey

Informed employees
This is your publication’s key role. Keeping people up to date will mean they understand your organisation better.

Company vision shared
By aligning employees with your company’s vision and goals, they help accomplish them.

Two-way conversation
Publications drive conversation. When used as part of a mix of channels, employees tend to take the conversation to more social channels.

Values embedded
Aligning employees with your company values helps change behaviour and encourages adoption of them.

Sense of belonging fostered
A sense of community leads to a team mentality – and excellent partnership working between teams and employees.

Best practice shared
Sharing the excellent work of employees encourages more of the same and lets them feel acknowledged and valued.

People celebrated
Recognising the good work of employees in an employee publication for all to see outweighs financial reward for many people. Consider it the ultimate, morale-boosting pat on the back!

Pride instilled
By sharing the great things happening in your business (alongside coverage of any business issues which should be tackled), employees will feel proud to work at your organisation.

Engagement: The holy grail
Engaged employees are enthusiastic and absorbed in their role and company. The ultimate engaged employee is one who is engaged with their organisation – not just their job.

Engaged employees feel good about coming to work, enjoy what they do and respect the organisation they work for. They’re productive and will help further your company’s interests and reputation – improving your bottom line.

Engaged employees are more likely to get involved. They’ll share stories with you, talk to you – and feed your publication.

Download our great employee publications infographic here….

Did you know?
• Highly engaged employees are 50 per cent more likely to exceed targets*
• Companies with high engagement experience report on average 37 per cent less absenteeism and employee turnover**
• An increase of 0.1 per cent in employee engagement can add $100,000 in annual operating income to your bottom line**

References: *Hay Group **Gallup, 2010

Print’s new role in internal comms

What do internal communications and Radiohead have in common?

As wonderful as it is to access everything important in your life through a device that fits in your pocket (or bag if you are an iPhone 6 plus devotee), there is still no replacement for a tangible, physical item of beauty that you can pick up and hold in your hands.

With so much time spent on digital screens, we need some relief from it. Printed media offers us that respite and, in a work environment, the opportunity to leave your desk, sit in the sun and take a genuine break.

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