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Employee engagement ‘to help save RBS £3m’

Banking giant RBS is planning to make £3m in energy savings – through employee engagement.

Encouraging employees to switch off lights and air con is the target for RBS chiefs as the organisation embarks on wide-ranging cost-cutting measures.

The scheme – named the JUMP behaviour change project – encourages employees to engage in energy saving, cutting waste and other sustainability actions like car-sharing.

Specifically built leaderboards rank employees’ efforts to help the organisation reduce its environmental footprint with top performers earning rewards like iTunes and Marks & Spencer vouchers every month.

Mike Lynch, the bank’s sustainable workplace culture manager, told Edie.net: “Colleagues can earn points for their team for simple actions like switching off electrical equipment, reporting leaks, travelling sustainably and encouraging others to get involved.

“RBS is committed to reducing the environmental impact of serving customers and JUMP brings all our target areas together under one cohesive programme.”

The bank, which is almost three-quarters owned by the taxpayer, trialled the sustainability project in recent months. It led to a five per cent average reduction in electricity usage and 500,000 disposable cups being correctly recycled.

JUMP is part of the bank’s ongoing drive to go green with new technologies and innovations.

Overall, it expects to save more than 40,000 tonnes of CO2 and 200m litres of water each year, resulting in savings of £7.5m.