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IC ‘must evolve to meet local government challenges’

Internal comms must evolve to enable local authorities across the UK to combat looming challenges.

IC will play a key role in shaping the future of local government across the country, says LGcommunications chairman Simon Jones.

But the former Mirror editor insists the industry needs to move away from traditional internal comms formulas if the issues facing public organisations are to be tackled effectively.

In this blog post, he wrote: “We have to think deeper and wider about our job than ever before, bringing in behavioural science, understanding more about the complex layers of interventions that go into place-making.

“We need to move from internal comms to enabling middle managers to be real champions and leaders.

“We need to be commercially minded ourselves, spotting opportunities to maximise income while marketing traded services.

“Finally, and most importantly, we have to move beyond the written word by getting closer to our communities than ever before, motivating, encouraging and inspiring change.”

LGComms – a national body that works to raise the standard of communications in local government – cites five challenges facing local authorities in the near future.

They are:
• managing demand
• investment and growth
• business transformation
• commercialisation
• forging a different relationship with our communities.

Mr Jones added: “Underpinning these is the challenge of how we adapt to the new landscape around us and to make the most of the opportunities that public sector reform and devolution brings.

“Consider carefully and you will realise that good strategic communications lies at the heart of every single one of these challenges.

“Yet are we equipped for this, do we have the right skills and ethos and can we take our organisations with us on this mission?”

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